If you feel like your girlfriend is drifting away, don’t panic! There are ways to make her realize what she’s missing out on. Here are some tips to help you communicate your feelings and inspire her to value you more.

1. Speak Up

Communication is key. Calmly express your concerns to her, focusing on how you feel. Avoid blaming or accusing language.

2. Focus on Yourself

Take up a new hobby, spend time with friends, and do things that make you happy. This will show her what she’s missing out on and make you feel better too!

3. Show Your Worth

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Be confident in your own value. Show her that you have other options and that you’re a catch! (Just don’t flirt with other girls or make her feel jealous.)

4. Give Her Space

If she’s taking you for granted, give her some space to miss you. Focus on your own life and let her come to you.

5. Be Willing to Walk Away

If you’re not getting what you need, it may be time to move on. Remember, you deserve someone who values and respects you.

6. Be Honest About Your Needs

If you need more attention or affection, tell her so. This will give her the chance to address your concerns and improve the relationship.

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7. Work Together

If you’re both willing, focus on improving the relationship together. Try new things, be more attentive, and communicate better….S££ MOR£ 

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