When it comes to relationships, we’ve all been told to look for someone who is kind, supportive, and loyal.

1. Emotional intelligence

High-value men are aware of their own feelings and can comprehend and support their partners’ feelings. They are excellent listeners and can offer comfort without being asked.

2. Independence

While they love companionship, high-value guys do not have to be in a relationship. They are self-sufficient and add value to the dynamic by being themselves rather than by playing a specific position. They have interests and lifestyles outside of the relationship.

3. Respect

High-value men treat their partners and others with dignity. They respect a woman’s opinion.

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4. Generosity

High-value men give from the heart, without expecting anything in return. They give compliments, appreciation, and spend quality time with their partner.

5. Growth mindset

High-value men strive for personal and social growth, challenging themselves to overcome weaknesses and better understand their partner’s perspectives….S££ MOR£

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