There is no guy who doesn’t want to earn the respect he deserves from his girlfriend in a relationship. Maybe, if you are in a relationship with a girl, she is supposed to respect you and respect your opinion. Guys like girls who respect them.

There are some certain things you need to do, if you want your girlfriend to respect you. You can’t just earn her respect, if you can’t tolerate or pay some prices.

Here are some of the things you need to do, if you want to earn the respect of your girlfriend.

1. You need to respect your girlfriend and respect her opinion too:

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For your girlfriend to respect you, you must respect her too, and her opinion. She will find it very difficult to respect you if you don’t respect her too. Don’t take her for granted no matter what.

2. Don’t insult your girlfriend:

You shouldn’t insult your girlfriend in private or in public. Never disgrace her in the company of your friends, and mind how you speak to her, and don’t speak to her in a harsh way.

3. You should spend more time listening to her and also be with her:

She will respect your time and respect you, if you are always there for her, and if she needs your advice you can give her. You should try to pamper her, and also make her feel loved. Spend quality time with her and make it fun.

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4. Keep your ego and don’t be too proud:

You shouldn’t be too proud no matter what you do, don’t let pride destroy your relationship. Being too proud will make her not to respect you. Always keep your ego, and you will earn her respect.…S££ M0R£

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