1. Feeling Stressed.

Sometimes, when people are under a lot of pressure from work, money, or other things, they can become grumpy or mean without meaning to. Your husband might be taking out his stress on you without realizing it.

2. Hiding Feelings.

Your husband might be upset about something but not know how to talk about it. Instead of saying what’s bothering him, he might act mean or distant.

3. Health Issues.

Sometimes, when people don’t feel well physically or mentally, they can act differently. Your husband might be feeling unwell and not know how to handle it, so he acts mean.

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4. Changes in Routine.

If something big changes in your lives, like moving to a new place or a new job, it can make people feel unsure or uncomfortable. Your husband might be acting mean because he’s not used to the changes.

5. Trouble in Relationship.

Maybe there’s something in your relationship that’s bothering your husband, but he doesn’t know how to say it. He might act mean because he’s unhappy about something between you two.….See More

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