There are a few things in Africa that deviate from the norm. The possession of weaponry capable of wreaking havoc is one illustration of a Western standard.

Let’s first discuss what we mean when we refer to “weapons of mass destruction.” These are weapons that have the potential to harm a sizable population or a sizable amount of infrastructure.

There is the potential for the use of chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons. These kinds of weaponry are commonplace in the developed nations of the first world, such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Russia, and France.

Leaders who are contemplating the implementation of a nuclear programme must strike a balance between the political climate in their country and the competing interests of various interest groups, such as the scientific community and the defence industry. Aspirations for higher office among political leaders could also be a factor.

To begin, nuclear weapons And the possibility of attaining the status of a pariah on the international stage is a cause for concern for governments that are contemplating the implementation of a nuclear programme, particularly given the growing number of nations that have pledged to abstain from the use of nuclear weapons.

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They exist in other countries as well, for instance in China and North Korea. As a result, it will come as a huge shock to learn that an African country has these weapons. On the other side, one African country defied expectations and gathered a collection of WMD, most notably nuclear weapons. The Republic of South Africa is the name given to the country.

South Africa made history in February 2019 when it signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons after first possessing nuclear weapons, then disarming those weapons. The ratification of the pact by South Africa allowed for this accomplishment.

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These weapons were developed in South Africa during the time of apartheid. Furthermore, it appeared that the government….S££ MOR£

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