Many women want to know if a man is trustworthy before falling in love. They’re cautious because they don’t want to get hurt. They’re looking for someone who will love and care for them. That’s why they ask questions to get to know you better.

Here are some questions a girl might ask when she’s starting to like you:

1. Do You Have a Girlfriend?

Sometimes, she might ask this in a playful or indirect way. She wants to know if you’re available and if you’re interested in her.

2. Why Did Your Last Relationship End?

If she’s interested in you, she’ll want to know about your past relationships. This shows that she cares about you and wants to understand your dating history.

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3. What Do You Like and Dislike?

When a girl starts to like you, she’ll want to know more about your interests. This helps her understand how to impress you and what to avoid. Understanding these questions can help you see if a girl is interested in you and how to respond in a way that builds a connection.

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