When you’re in love, it’s natural to want to share everything with your partner. But, sometimes, being too honest can hurt your relationship. Here are 4 things to keep from your boyfriend to avoid unnecessary conflicts and protect your love.

1. Your Attractive Female Friends

Refrain from telling your boyfriend about your gorgeous female friends. Boasting about their looks can give the wrong impression and make him feel uncomfortable. Instead, focus on sharing positive qualities and characteristics that make them great friends.

2. Your Past Struggles

Avoid sharing details about your difficult past, including previous relationships or personal struggles. This can create negative feelings and make your boyfriend feel like he’s walking on eggshells. Keep the focus on your present and future together.

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3. Your Dislike for His Ex Or Your Ex

If you have issues with his ex, keep them to yourself. Constantly bringing up past conflicts can make your boyfriend anxious and wonder if he’ll end up on your hate list too. Practice forgiveness and move forward.

4. Your Ex’s Good Qualities

When having fun, avoid praising your ex’s positive qualities. This can give the impression that you’re comparing your current boyfriend to your ex and may leave him feeling insecure. Focus on appreciating your current relationship and the unique qualities your boyfriend brings to the table….S££ MOR£

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