Marriage is not a bed of roses. It is a long-term relationship, when you get married, you have stepped into a union.

Before you get married as couples, there are some things you have to discuss with your partner if you don’t want to face marriage problems in the future.

Here Are 5 Things You Need To Discuss With Your Partner Before Marriage.

1. When To Start Having Children.

Some couples have their own terms and conditions even in marriage, especially when it comes to childbearing. Some like to wait for years before giving birth, others like to start giving birth immediately after marriage.

So it is best you and your partner discuss when to start having children after marriage and how many kids will be okay for both of you. You need to agree on something.

2. Whether To Work After Marriage Or Not.

We all understand some men don’t like their women to work after marriage or want their wife to be a complete housewife.

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It is something you have to discuss with your woman and hear her opinions if she agrees or not.

You and your partner need to have this discussion before saying the word yes I do. And if she refuses to become a full housewife after marriage, you know what to do. You can’t force a woman to go according to her desire because of marriage.

It is good to talk about it to avoid crises after marriage.

3. The Church To Attend After Marriage.

It looks funny, but these issues lead to many problems in some people’s marriages in our society today.

Mostly for partners who don’t attend the same church but want to get married, it feels like when a husband and wife attended different churches after marriage.

When you start giving birth, your children will be confused on the type of church to attend, either to follow their mother or father.

So it is best for partners to agree on the church they should attend after marriage. Going to the same church might help your marriage positively.

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4. Decide If You Would Permit Any Of Your Family Or Friend Will Live With You After Marriage. 

These issues have lead to a lot of misunderstandings between couples in marriage. It is not a bad thing for a family member or a friend to visit you and decide to stay for some days.

But you have to inform your partner first and hear their opinions. Remember you guys are now married, if both of you decide no one is coming to stay or live with you guys after marriage, respect that decision.

5. The Number Of Kids To Give Birth too.

It is a good idea for couples to set a goal on how many kids they are ready to give birth too.

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You and your wife have to discuss it. Have a family planning on the number of children you are ready to have, if it is alright with your partner, you are good to go.

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