1. Being Disrespectful.

Being disrespectful is a bad attitude and can destroy your relationship or marriage. Treating your love once or your partner like nobody hurts, and it can kill your relationship or marriage.

2. Acting Single.

You should know when you are in a relationship or not. Stop acting single when you are in a relationship or making plans without letting your partner know.

You act single or exhibit a bad habit when you don’t let your partner know your whereabouts, and you keep secrets about yourself and movement.

Such behaviors are bad because you are now in a relationship, so you should be open-minded to your partner. You should always consider your partner’s feelings when you are in a relationship.

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3. Being On The Phone As Long.

We understand the world we are today is a computer generation, and social media at times plays a negative impact on our relationship or marriage.

Some people spend more time on their phone than their partner, and such things might cause demise in a relationship. In a relationship, learn to put your relationship first before anything, even before your phone or social media. Try to spend quality time with your partner if you want a long-lasting relationship.

4. Nagging.

No-one wants a wife or husband that nag and makes the relationship a living hell. If you are nagging your wife or husband, you have to stop if you want your relationship to last.

5. Dishonesty.

You have to be truthful and honest for a relationship to move positively. Being dishonest can end your relationship or marriage because when you are dishonest, it will be hard for your partner to trust you.

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And once trust dies off in a relationship or marriage, then there is a problem, and such a marriage might start having some conflict or misunderstanding in the relationship or marriage.

6. Insecurity.

Insecurity has ended many relationships and marriages because insecurity can lead to jealousy and lack of trust, and such things are not good in a marriage or relationship….S££ MOR£

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