Asking questions is a great way to bond and learn more about each other, but it’s important to ask the right ones. Some questions can make things awkward or even push the girl away. Here are some to avoid:

1. Questions about Past Relationships.

It’s best to avoid asking about her exes. It can make her feel uncomfortable, and it might seem like you don’t trust her. She’ll share things about her past when she’s ready.

2. Asking if She Has a Boyfriend.

This question can be tricky. If she does, it might hurt your feelings, and if she doesn’t, it might make her feel pressured. It’s better to let things unfold naturally.

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3. Asking When to Call.

Instead of asking for permission to call, try to make a good impression by calling at a time when she’s likely to be free and relaxed.

4. Asking About Age.

It’s not polite to ask a girl her age. She’ll share it when she’s comfortable, or you’ll find out eventually. When you’re trying to build a connection with a girl, how you ask questions is important. Avoiding these types of questions can help you have better conversations and make a good impression….S££ MOR£

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