A Chartered Accountant, Deaconess Akinbola Anthonia has shared her 25-year journey of grappling with infertility until she finally gave birth to her own child. She alleged that her family was apprehensive due to stereotypes about Yoruba men having multiple wives before she got married to her husband.

However, she pinpointed that her experience defied these fears. she expressed profound gratitude to her husband and his family for their exceptional support during her years without a child. She stated that they consistently reassured her that God would bless them with a child.

She said in an interview with Punch, ”I would ask that my husband and his family be listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the way they acted while I was without child. I remember when I wanted to marry my husband, my family was scared because they believed Yoruba men like to marry two wives.

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Some people were telling me not to trust the family and that they might have held a secret wedding before for my husband, meaning I cold even be a second wife. But this family is great. They are Godly. They encouraged me. They told me God would do it no matter what. They said I have helped to train a lot of other children, and they supported and stayed with me. They even at a point wanted us to adopt a child.”….S££ MOR£

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