Before you say yes, I do or get married, there are a few medical tests couples should carry out if you want a healthy marriage and a long-lasting one. I am going to give tips and medical tests couples should go for before getting married. Many individuals in our today’s generation just go for HIV tests, but there are other necessary medical examinations you also have to know.

Here are 5 medical tests or examinations you have to put in mind before saying yes I do:

1. Genotype.

Don’t joke with this, many people don’t check their genotype before getting married and end up giving birth to kids that won’t give you full peace of mind. Genotype helps both partners to determine if they are good for marriage or if they carry sickle cell trait such as SS, AS or if their genotype is normal, which means AA.

If you fall under the category of SS, never marry an AS or SS, your Target Should Be AA. But it is 100% normal for an AA to get married to any genotype of their choice, be it SS or AA. This type of test needs to be carried out before couples proceed to take the relationship to another level.

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2. Blood group. 

Many couples hardly do this, and it is risky if you fail too because you might carelessly get into a marriage or relationship if both of your blood groups didn’t match, which can run the risk of a disease called hemolytic. This disease can affect your babies or stillbirths and also lead to many miscarriages in your marriage. Also, knowing your partner’s blood group will really help you in a long way by helping donate some blood to him or her in an emergency event that needs blood donation.

3. HIV test.

The most common test couples go for is the HIV/AIDS test. HIV has led many people to death, so it is best for couples to know their HIV/AIDS status before taking the relationship to another level.

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4. Fertility text.

Many couples in Africa today and in Nigeria don’t even have an idea or run this test before getting married. That Why do some couples in marriage find it difficult to give birth to children on their own? Not everything you blame your village people. Some things that occur to us are just natural or lack of understanding. It is good to check your fertility as a couple before saying yes, I do.

5. Test of STDs. 

This might sound funny to you, but this medical test is very important before taking your relationship to the next level. The reasons why it is good to have your STDs test done before getting married to your partner is for you to detect if your partner has hidden sickness they might not know such as:



Genital herpes 


Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

If such diseases are left untreated for a long period of time, they can be dangerous to the health and can lead to infertility in women, strains and other complicated issues and might even lead to death….S££ MOR£

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