A film set is a place where feelings really bubble up. Actors play out great emotions – and sometimes it turns out that what they feel is not fake at all.

Many romances were born on the sets, which later either quickly fell apart or turned into lasting relationships.

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś and Colin Farrell [Pinterest]

In 2009, the colourful media were electrified by the news about the affair between Alicja Bachleda-Curuś and Colin Farrell. A well-known Hollywood lover fell under the spell of a Polish actress on the set of the film Ondine.

In the same year, the couple welcomed their sonHenry Tadeusz. Farrell became a father for the second time – previously, the actor had a son with model Kim Bordenave (the boy, James, suffers from a rare genetic disease, Angelman syndrome).

The relationship did not stand the test of time as the couple broke up in 2010. Two and a half years later, the actor confided in the media, “If I ever enter into a relationship with someone again, I will try to keep my mouth shut and be present (in our shared life) as possible.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez co-starred in 'Gigli' [Sony]

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have crossed paths many times, but they only got to know each other well on the set of the movie Gigli. The production was a flop, but the actor and the singer then began an affair that constantly appeared on the covers of gossip magazines.

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In November 2002, the couple got engaged – Affleck gave Lopez a ring worth $1.5 million. They were supposed to get married on September 12, 2003 in California, but cancelled the ceremony a few days before the planned date. In January 2004, the media reported that the couple had separated.

However, this is not the end of the story. In April 2021, Lopez and Affleck started dating again this time with children and failed marriages behind them. In recent years, the couple spoke highly of each other and reportedly still kept in touch. The relationship turned into a romance again.

In April 2022, exactly one year after re-establishing a romantic relationship, the couple became engaged again. A few months later that year, they got married.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively [AP]

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met on the set of the movie Green Lantern. At that time, she was dating Penn Badgley (with whom she played in the series Gossip Girl), and he was Scarlett Johansson‘s husband. In 2011, they were both single and started dating. The couple married on September 9, 2012. They have three daughters — James (2014), Inez (2016) and Betty (2019) — and a fourth child, born in 2023.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no longer together [ThinkStock]

The relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt caused a real uproar in the gossip press. In 2005, they met on the set of the film Mr and Mrs Smith. When the paparazzi photographed them during a joint trip to Kenya, a scandal broke out, and Pitt was accused of being unfaithful to Aniston, who was still his wife at the time. Jolie denied these reports and emphasised that she started a relationship with the actor when he was already single.

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In 2006, the new acting couple announced they were expecting their first child together. During the 12 years of their marriage, the couple had six children, three of whom were adopted. They got married quietly in 2014, but after two years of marriage they announced their separation.

Then another scandal broke out, as the couple started a ruthless court fight for custody of the children. The issues involved included: allegations of violence by Pitt. The divorce was finalised in April 2019.

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe in 'Proof of Life' [IMDB]

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe met on the set of the film Proof of Life, and what happened between them reflected the plot of the film — in this 2000 production, a woman falls in love with a man completely different from her husband. Proof of Life was a flop and many blamed it for the breakdown of Ryan and actor Dennis Quaid‘s marriage. The fact is that the actress and Crowe became romantically involved and dated after filming.

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A few years later, in an interview with The Sidney Morning Herald, Ryan admitted that her marriage to Quaid had not broken up because of her affair with Crow. It was destroyed by Quaid’s infidelity.

In 2001, Crowe and Ryan became inseparable, and the actor ended his long relationship with Danielle Spencer for this relationship. Nevertheless, after some time, Ryan broke up with him. “I broke his heart,” she later recalled. In 2003, Crowe married Spencer but divorced in 2018….S££ MOR£

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