Popular Yoruba movie actress Adebimpe Akintunde has revealed what her husband told her when she met him on social media, while also stating her position in her current marriage to her new husband.

In a video that was posted on the official YouTube channel of Talk To B5000 during an interview with Biola Adebayo, she disclosed that she is married to a married man and that she is very happy to be the third wife in the marriage.

In her statement, she said, “When my husband approached me for marriage, he told me he already had two wives, and I agreed to marry him.

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“Unlike a guy that I was dating in the UK, he had a child and hid it from me, so that is why I appreciate my husband because he told me the truth.

I met my husband online, he told me he has two wives, and I’m very happy to be the third wife….S££ MOR£

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