In a recent message delivered to members at their Worship Service, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries International, offered insights into the issue of prosperity and poverty within deliverance ministries.

Pastor Ibiyeomie dispelled the notion that prosperity is achieved solely through prayer, asserting that “We don’t pray for Prosperity, you must hear God’s word.”

He emphasized the importance of aligning oneself with divine principles and receiving God’s instruction as the pathway to prosperity. Contrary to popular belief, he stated that “Supplies don’t come through Prayer, otherwise Prayer Warriors won’t be poor,” highlighting the prevalence of poverty among those solely focused on prayer. Fast forward the VIDEO to 2 hours 53 minutes.

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Furthermore, Pastor Ibiyeomie condemned the practice of pastors soliciting money from politicians after praying for them.

He emphasized the importance of integrity and dignity in ministering to political leaders, stating that true respect comes from both prayer and genuine acts of generosity. He warned against begging for financial favors, as it diminishes one’s dignity and undermines the credibility of the ministry.

Pastor Ibiyeomie reassured his congregation, proclaiming, “Poverty makes you quiet even in the face of truth. You will never be poor.” With unwavering faith and determination, he instilled confidence in his members, affirming their divine inheritance of abundance and prosperity.

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He reminded them of the transformative power of faith, integrity, and obedience to God’s word in achieving true prosperity and fulfillment….S££ MOR£

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