In many African cultures, women often find it challenging to express their feelings openly, fearing they may come across as too forward or vulnerable. However, there are subtle signs that can reveal a woman’s true intentions and feelings towards a man. If you’re wondering whether a woman is interested in you, here are six signs to look out for:

1. She Shows Genuine Concern for Your Well-being

When a woman starts asking about your personal life and shows a genuine interest in your happiness and success, it’s a sign she has developed feelings for you. She’ll be invested in your well-being and will be affected by your emotions.

2. She Can’t Stop Calling and Texting You

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If a woman is consistently initiating conversations and reaching out to you throughout the day, it’s a clear indication she enjoys your company and values your relationship.

3. She Forgives You Easily

When a woman likes you, she’ll be more willing to forgive you for your mistakes and won’t hold grudges. This doesn’t mean you should take advantage of her kindness, but it’s a sign she’s willing to work through issues with you.

4. She Feels Jealous Seeing You with Other Women

It may seem humorous, but a woman who likes you will feel protective of you and may exhibit jealousy when she sees you interacting with other women. Pay attention to her body language and reactions.

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5. She Enjoys Spending Time at Your Place

If a woman starts visiting you frequently, even if you’re not in a relationship, it’s a sign she feels comfortable around you and enjoys your company. She may even offer to cook or engage in conversations with you.

6. She Shares Your Friends and Enemies

When a woman likes you, she’ll often align herself with your friends and may even distance herself from those you don’t get along with. This sign shows she’s willing to support and stand by you….S££ MOR£

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