Are you wondering if a special girl in your life has feelings for you? Sometimes, girls can be shy or hesitant to express their emotions, but there are subtle clues that can reveal her true feelings. Here are 7 signs she loves you, even if she doesn’t say it:

1. She uses the ‘we’ word

If she includes you in her plans and talks about the two of you as a team, it’s a good sign she’s thinking about a future together.

2. She maintains eye contact

If she can’t keep her eyes off you, it means she’s interested and attracted to you.

3. She thinks you’re hilarious

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If she laughs at your jokes, even the bad ones, it’s a sign she enjoys your company and has a crush on you.

4. She’s nervous around you

If she fidgets, touches her hair, or squeezes her hands together, it means she’s a little shy but definitely interested.

5. She lets you into her personal space

If she allows you into her physical or emotional space, it’s a sign she trusts and loves you.

6. Her voice changes

If her voice becomes softer or huskier when talking to you, it’s a subtle sign she has feelings for you.

7. She agrees with you

If she often agrees with your opinions, especially on important topics, it means she values your thoughts and might be in love with you….S££ MOR£

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