Starting a conversation with a woman you like can be nerve-wracking, but asking charming questions can make it easier. Here are some great questions to help you break the ice and impress her:

1. Compliment Her Style: “Where did you get your dress? It looks amazing on you.” This question shows that you appreciate her style and boosts her confidence.

2. Acknowledge Her Intelligence: “You’re so intelligent. What school did you go to?” Let her know you admire her intellect and are interested in her educational background.

3. Praise Her Beauty: “Is it possible that your mother is the source of your incredible beauty?” This compliment will make her smile and feel flattered.

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4. Appreciate Her Talent: “Do you learn songs or are you truly gifted?” If she sings, this question shows that you admire her talent and skill.

5. Suggest Friendship: “I like your personality. Is it possible for us to be friends?” This is a subtle way to express interest and ask her out in a friendly manner.

6. Admire Her Appearance: “You have a wonderful appearance. Do you come from a royal/rich family?” This question compliments her appearance and makes her feel special. Approaching women with respect and charm can lead to meaningful connections….S££ MOR£

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