Many patients with type 2 diabetes don’t aware they have it, according to several research. If you don’t control your diabetes, it increases your chance of heart disease and kidney disease, as well as other significant problems.

1. You Urinate More

The frequency with which you urinate on a daily basis may indicate whether or not you have diabetes. You may have diabetes if you find yourself urinating more frequently, especially at night.

2. You Get Thirsty More Often

One of the most common indicators that a person has diabetes is the frequency with which they feel thirsty. You may have diabetes if you notice that you are becoming more thirsty than normal.

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3. Weight Loss

You might be shocked to learn that weight loss is one of the symptoms of diabetes, given that obesity is a risk factor for the disease. Excessive urine causes a water and calorie loss, which is what causes the weight loss.

4. You Are Always Tired

Another indication that you may have diabetes is a constant feeling of exhaustion. Please contact a doctor if you’re frequently exhausted.

5. You Get Moody Easily

If you find yourself easily becoming depressed, it may be a symptom that you have type 2 diabetes. When your blood sugar levels are out of balance, you may find that you are more easily irritable.

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6. Cuts Take Longer To Heal

You may have diabetes if you notice that cuts heal more slowly. Your wounds will take longer to heal because your body’s immune system is weakened by sugar….S££ MOR£

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