1. They find it hard to call you or never call you at all, even if she called, she called, she would spend more than 20 seconds on the phone talking to you.

2. Whenever you call her, she will always act busy or tell you she will call you later, which might be one year from now.

3. They are never thankful, no matter what you give her, she will see it as nothing, as if it is her right you must give her.

4. They get angry for no good reasons.

5. She always demands a gift or something in return before doing something for you. You need to bribe them first.

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6. She will call you romantic and sweet names only when they need something from you.

7. A woman who doesn’t love you won’t take you seriously, even when you are sick or sad, they see it as nothing.

8. She always wants you to spend on her without planning for the future. Such a woman that doesn’t care how much you have. All she cares for is money.

9. Such women will abandon you when you are poor or have financial issues and only show up when you have money.

10. She will act so secretive and won’t tell you much about herself. You can’t even have access to their phones.

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11. They hardly spend time with you and always have a change of mind, always in a hurry to go.

12. She plays with your heart because she never loves you, she is just using you to pass time.

13. Such women find it hard to reply to your massage on social media, even when she does, she answers after 5 minutes….S££ MOR£

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