It might seem tricky to figure out if a lady has feelings for you. But there are hints she might drop, showing she’s into you. Let’s talk about four things she might do if she’s starting to like you.

1. Asking about you secretly

If a woman is interested, she might ask around about you without letting you know. It’s like she’s trying to learn more about you in a sneaky way. This is a sign she’s getting fond of you.

2. Checking your messages

She might start peeking at your messages when you’re not there. It’s her way of seeing if there’s anyone else catching your attention. Ladies don’t mind a little competition, especially if they think they can win.

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3. Wanting to hang out

Notice if she tries to spend more time with you whenever possible. She’s doing this because she wants to know you better and enjoy your company.

4. Getting friendly with your friends

If she starts getting chatty with your friends, it could mean she’s trying to get closer to you. She might want to know more about you and get your attention by being part of your circle. These are just a few signs to watch out for. If you notice these behaviors, there’s a good chance she’s developing feelings for you….S££ MOR£

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