When a woman starts to like a man, she shows it in different ways. Here are some signs to look for if you think a girl likes you:

1. She’s caring: If a girl likes you, she’ll start showing how much she cares about you. She might ask if you’re okay or offer to help you with things.

2. She tries to look nice: When a girl likes you, she’ll make sure to look her best whenever she sees you. She might dress up or do her hair nicely to impress you.

3. Her behavior changes: You’ll notice a difference in how she acts around you. She might smile more, talk differently, or act a bit nervous. She’ll also want to share things about herself with you, like stories from her life or things she’s proud of.

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4. She gets upset easily: If you see her getting upset about small things, it could be because she likes you. She might be more sensitive because she cares about what you think.

5. She wants to spend time with you: She’ll try to hang out with you whenever she can, either in person or online. She might be shy about telling you how she feels, so you might need to take the first step and ask her out.

If you want to see if she really likes you, try these things:

1. Compliment her and see how she reacts.

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2. Spend quality time with her and see if she enjoys it.

3. Send her thoughtful messages asking how she’s doing.

4. Show her that you care about her feelings, and she might open up to you about her feelings too….S££ MOR£

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