Most women made a list of the characteristics and features they were looking for in a possible spouse. A few examples are being generous, considerate, attractive, and kind. Graça Machel has high expectations for the men she dates and eventually marries. In addition to the doctors, attorneys, and businessmen that other ladies were captivated to, Graça’s eyes may have been pulled to leaders.

Samora Machel, who presided over Mozambique from 1975 to 1984, was married to Graca Machel (1933–1986). On October 19, 1986, President Machel was killed in a plane accident. She married South African President Nelson Mandela on July 18, 1998, making history as the first woman to serve as the “First Lady” of two different countries.

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She was significantly younger when she married Nelson Mandela in 1998 at the age of 52. However, she claims that their older age made their relationship stronger. She argued that they had grown up, started children, and understood the value of having a friend or partner who made their lives easier.

She made a distinction between the individual and the icon: Machel asserted that at first, there was tension between the man she married and how the outside world saw him. He stated that there was a little confusion concerning his aura.

Below are some photos of her:

She granted CNN’s Robyn Curnow a rare interview in 2008 during which she spoke about the coping mechanisms she had developed….S££ MOR£

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