Here are five simple signs your partner might have quietly ended the relationship:

1. Less Talking.

If your partner used to chat with you a lot but now talks less or doesn’t reply to your messages as quickly, they might be distancing themselves.

2. No More Plans Together.

When people are in a relationship, they often make plans for the future, like going on trips or even just hanging out. If your partner stops talking about doing things together, it could mean they’re moving on without saying it outright.

3. Not as Close.

If your partner seems distant or doesn’t show as much affection as before, they might be pulling away emotionally.

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4. More Time Alone.

If your partner spends more time by themselves or with others instead of with you, it could be a sign they’re trying to create space between you two.

5. Ignoring Problems.

In a good relationship, both people work together to solve problems. But if your partner avoids talking about issues or doesn’t care about fixing things, they might have already mentally checked out of the relationship. These signs might make you feel sad or confused. It’s important to talk to your partner openly and honestly if you notice these things happening….S££ MOR£

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