Making your partner feel special is one of the best ways to keep a smile on his face throughout the day. As a result, there are some techniques and tips some women should apply to their dating life to keep it enticing and romantic. Here are five clever and romantic ways to do so.

1. Whisper a few sweet words into his ear.

Compliment him by using some phrases like “Hey sleepyhead, you look lovely when you sleep.” He’ll undoubtedly feel cherished and fluffy first thing in the morning if you make him smile with some lovely whispers.

2. Use your hands to stroke his chest and palms.

Rollover to him, wrapping your legs around his. Allow your fingers to roam freely and tenderly over his chest, trailing down his center. Allow his palms to be rubbed gently before returning to stroking his chest. When your man wakes up, he will have a smile on his face. This is because you are making him feel loved and wanted.

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3. kiss him on the neck.

You can also wake him up by gently kissing the side of his neck. Do this slowly and gently, showing him how much you admire and cherish him. The neck is one of the most erogenous areas, and the more attention you lavish on it, the sexier his mood when he wakes up will be.

4. Tickle him.

Men, like us ladies, are sensitive in the same way. In reality, they enjoy being tickled on occasion. So gently tickle your lover and brighten his day!

5. Cuddle him.

Cuddles and embraces are always appreciated by both men and women. You should cuddle your partner and run your fingers over his body gently. While kissing him gently and slowly. Men, unlike women, love to be pampered and cuddled as it will make their love for you stronger. This will make him feel special while also making his morning brighter….S££ MOR£

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