What moves a man most of the time is what he listens to or what he hears. This is normally accurate, but many people forget the fact that men want to hear sweet words from women they admire and hearing these things from you makes them happy and satisfied with you.

So, here are a few nice things that most men like to hear from the women they adore.

1. You’re the best man I have ever known. Telling a man this word will make him feel special because what you are insinuating is that you respect and value him so much.

2. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. This is another way of saying you love and cherish him so much.

3. I thank God for the day you entered my life. Most men will be excited to hear this. You are simply telling him you are grateful to have met a man like him.

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4. I recognize you’re working hard to provide for us, and I appreciate your efforts.

5. Many thanks for all of your hard work in creating this relationship. Thank you so much for your prayers and sacrifices.

6. May God continue to reward your selfless efforts.

7. You are everything I have ever hoped and pleaded for.

8. Never give up on your dreams; I will always be there to help you. The saying which goes for every successful man, there is a woman behind him is indeed true. Every man will be glad to know that his female companion is fully supporting him.

9. You’re a one-of-a-kind individual and there is nobody else like you in this whole wide world.

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10. You’re a King. Most men love to be respected and calling him your king is a respectful language that most men love to hear.

11. You’re more than just a favor to me.

12. You are special and every woman will love to have you.

13. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Most men will love to hear their lover confirm their love for him regularly, and this is why telling him this will make him happy and satisfied.

14. You always make me feel like a queen, and I will forever love you….S££ MOR£

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