In any relationship, it’s crucial to recognize when things might be changing. Here are three signs to watch out for that could indicate a woman is falling out of love with her partner:

1. Ignored Texts.

If she consistently doesn’t respond to your messages, it could mean she’s losing interest. Pay attention to this behavior and consider discussing it openly to understand what’s going on.

2. Frequent Anger.

If she seems constantly upset or irritated with you over small things, it may indicate deeper feelings of dissatisfaction. Take note of her mood and try to address any underlying issues together.

3. Avoiding Calls.

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When she repeatedly avoids or ignores your calls, it could be a sign of emotional distance. This behavior suggests she may not feel as connected to you as before and could be avoiding confrontation. Recognizing these signs early on can help address any issues in the relationship and possibly prevent further disconnection….S££ MOR£

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