There are some things a man needs to stop doing in his relationship or marriage if he wants a healthy relationship.

1. Expect her to be perfect

No one is perfect, so as a man, don’t expect your girlfriend or wife to be perfect because they can’t. That is the honest truth. Don’t expect your woman to be flawless or perfect. It doesn’t mean she should not try, but at times we all make mistakes because we are humans.

2. Not trusting her

Learn to trust your wife, girlfriend if you really want to keep her. You need to learn to trust your partner even if they hurt you. If you learn to trust again, it will help in building healthy and romantic relationships.

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3. Not Believing In Her

If you want to keep your woman, believe in her. Every woman wants a man who will trust her and believe in her and support her dreams.

That special man who will stand by her side no matter what.

4. Comparing Her With Others

If you really love your woman and want to keep her, you have to quit comparing her with others. Never make your wife or girlfriend feel as if they were not good enough for you. Such a thing will make your relationship or marriage toxic.

5. Disrespecting Her

Never disrespect your wife or girlfriend, and if you do such, you better stop. No one likes to feel disrespected, no matter the gender. It is wrong to belittle your woman or treat her as if she is a nobody….S££ MOR£

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