1. “You always…” or “You never…”

Generalizations like these can feel accusatory and dismissive of your partner’s efforts. They imply a pattern of behavior without acknowledging exceptions or progress, which can lead to defensiveness and resentment.

2. Bringing up past mistakes.

Rehashing past grievances can derail the current argument and make your partner feel attacked. It’s important to focus on the issue at hand rather than dredging up old wounds, as this prevents productive resolution and fosters a cycle of resentment.

3. Insults or name-calling.

Resorting to insults or derogatory language during arguments can inflict emotional harm and erode trust. Once spoken, hurtful words can linger long after the argument ends, damaging the foundation of the relationship.

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4. Threats or ultimatums.

Using threats or ultimatums to manipulate your partner’s behavior undermines trust and mutual respect. It creates a power imbalance in the relationship and diminishes the possibility of reaching a mutually beneficial resolution.

5. “I’m done” or “I want a divorce”

Making statements that suggest the end of the relationship as a means of winning an argument or expressing frustration can be deeply damaging. Even if said in the heat of the moment, these words can instill fear and uncertainty, creating lasting emotional scars….See More

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