A 65-year-elderly person from a town in India’s West Bengal has supposedly gone through consistently for as far back as twenty years lowered overwhelmed with the waters of a close by lake, because of an obscure malady.

Before getting into this odd story, I need to unveil the way that it is unconfirmed. It became a web sensation in Russia (out of every other place on earth) a month ago, and I’ve been attempting to locate a trustworthy source from that point onward.

Lamentably, I’ve had no karma. Aside from many Russian news locales and a couple of questionable English sites, I have discovered no notice of this lady anyplace. Regularly, I wouldn’t have tried expounding on something like this, yet what truly charmed me about this story is that it accompanies a video of this lady siting inactively in a lake, without anyone else, as others look on from the shore.

美华在线- 「湖中女神」每天泡湖水12小时全是为了治病

There’s very a story here, I simply don’t have the foggiest idea whether it’s the one I’ve found. So in case you’re understanding this and can give any solid knowledge about this report, I’d love to get notification from you. Anyway, here’s the Russian rendition:

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The 65-year-elderly person supposedly lives in an unknown town in West Bengal, India. Each morning, she gets up before dawn and strolls into a close by lake where she stays lowered up to her neck until the sun sets. She has been doing this strictly since 1998, when she began experiencing a puzzling condition that left her body excited and sore.

65-ročná žena sedí v rybníku 12 hodín denne už 20 rokov. Každý deň ...

The main thing that appeared to calm the lady’s torment was water, so she began going through her days in a lake near her town, and she’s been doing it for more than twenty years now.

Pataruni Gosh (name interpreted from Russian with Google Translate) allegedly spends somewhere in the range of 12 and 14 hours in the lake consistently, as she and her family live in a far off region of West Bengal and are too poor to even consider going to an emergency clinic for treatment.

Indian Mermaid — The Woman Who Spent 22 Years In A Lake! | by ...

At nightfall she ascends from the water and returns home, where she accomplishes whatever work she can before resting….Discover Móre

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