Your toilet should be kept clean at all times especially for the sake of your health. It is not just to keep the toilet clean but also to ensure that no dangerous animal is found around the toilet.

1. Ensure that your toilet is always covered

It is so bad that some people still keep their toilets open after usage. Although most reptiles like snakes do not enter your toilet by crawling in, they enter through the sewage, but other reptiles can still crawl into your toilet bowl if it is not closed and this is very dangerous to your health.

2. Get rid of all the foods these reptiles consume

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One important thing to always do is that always ensure that the foods that these reptiles eat are not found around the toilet or close to the house. Apart from them looking for a comfortable place to stay they also search for food. Small animals like rats, frogs And cockroaches should be eliminated from the toilet.

3. Use Onion and Garlic

Grinding or mixing Onions and Garlic is an effective way of preventing snakes from coming closer to your toilet. The scent of garlic and onions bring discomfort to snake and thus sprinkling this mixture close to the toilet can prevent snakes from entering the toilet.

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4. Ensure that all openings or cracks around the toilet are sealed

If you notice any crack around the tiles or opening around the door and windows you should ensure these apertures are closed. Because snakes can squeeze themselves around small openings.

5. Always tile the floor of your toilet

Tiles are slippery and as such snakes find it difficult to crawl around them and if they discover any discomfort they tend to leave that area….S££ MOR£

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