When we think of intelligence, we often imagine someone who excels in school or memorizes history books with ease. But intelligence is more than just book smarts. Here are seven unexpected signs that you might be smarter than your friends.

1. You Enjoy Your Own Company

Highly intelligent people often prefer spending time alone, which might seem strange since socializing is usually linked to happiness. However, for those with high IQs, excessive socializing can lead to discontent. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re introverted; it might just mean you’re smarter.

2. You Feel Pressure to Conform

People with high IQs often choose unconventional paths, which can lead to feeling like they don’t fit in. They’re aware they should strive for more, but society’s expectations can be suffocating. This pressure to conform can be overwhelming.

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3. You Daydream Frequently

Daydreaming isn’t a sign of laziness; it’s actually a sign of intelligence. Researchers found a connection between daydreaming and intellect. Creating vivid, realistic imaginations requires emotional strength and intelligence.

4. You Have an Open Mind

Intelligent people don’t close their minds to new ideas and perspectives. They seek alternatives, listen to others, and question everything. They need facts and thought before accepting anything.

5. You Overanalyze Decisions

Highly intelligent people need to weigh pros and cons before making a decision. However, this can lead to indecisiveness. They spend so much time analyzing options that they question their final choice.

6. You Feel Dissatisfied or Unhappy

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Intelligence can be a curse. Highly intelligent people often feel like they don’t fit in and wonder if they’re pretending to be less intelligent to belong. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

7. You Connect Unrelated Concepts

Smart people can spot and link ideas and trends that others miss. They make analogies and create context where others see none. This skill has led to some of the greatest inventions and innovations….S££ MOR£

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