The modesty test is not when you have nothing in your hands, but remain humble like someone you don’t.

Some powerful people tend to leave a humble and simple life which makes it difficult to classify them as a person of influence.

In our culture it is rare to see an individual of high prestige and power so plain and humble.

This is the case with a President’s only daughter who stays simple in lifestyle despite her mighty life and strong social reputation and who goes without make-up.

She’s Agne Kagame, Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s only sister. She’s among the second child of three other parents.

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She was born on 8 September 1993 at Smith College and Columbia University in Germany.

President Kagame and daughter Ange Kagame at the Rwanda De… | Flickr

Agne is a simple person who enjoys smiling in favor of the people, particularly in rural areas.

Bertrand Ndengeyingoma was married in 2019 by a child’s mother.

The wondrous black woman worked for women’s freedom, education and poverty eradication, as well as mass vaccination.

Although well-known, she’s easy and humble. She’s much less makeup….S££ MOR£

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