Cooking can be very tricky and no one is said to be perfect in it. You might feel like you’re doing everything right and properly, however that might not be true, in terms of health and safety measures. Cooking foods like meat is even more challenging that others such as rice, beans, yam, etc. Meat is definitely a dish that requires lots of care and attention when its on the fire.

Food experts believe that, while cooking meat, there are some mistakes which a chef or normal person should avoid. Because meat is a type of food that can cause several health issues such as indigestion, bloating, diabetes, kidney failure and others if it keeps getting prepared wrongly. In this article, I’ll be talking about 3 common mistakes everyone should avoid while cooking meat. See them below;

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1. Adding excess amount of salty and seasoning cube.

A lot of people are very fond of adding too much salt and seasoning cubes while cooking meat. This could actually lead to dire consequences and health complications. Excess salt has been linked to various medical conditions over the years, use them moderately.

2. Cooking the meat till all the water is dried up.

This is definitely not good because it could lead to burns on the meat and also leave scars on your cooking pot or fried pans. Its advisable to put a good amount of water on the cooking pot while steaming meat and stay around to see if you’ll need to add more water.

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3. Putting the cooked meat back in the same unwashed bowl or pot that had the raw meat on it.

Most people do not mind putting their newly cooked meat into the same bowl which they used in watching it. This is really bad because the bacteria and toxins inside the raw meat will spread back into the cooked meat, and that could be harmful to the body….S££ MOR£

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