Let’s travel back to October 14, 1912, when something incredible happened in the history of America. President Theodore Roosevelt was giving a speech in Wisconsin when suddenly, he was shot by a hired assassin.

Despite being wounded, President Roosevelt did something remarkable. Instead of rushing to get medical help like other presidents in the past who were attacked, he chose to calm down the crowd and make sure the attacker was handed over to the authorities safely.

The bullet went through President Roosevelt’s chest, but thankfully, it didn’t cause serious harm. He even coughed into his hand to prevent the bullet from going into his lungs! After checking himself for blood and finding none, he continued to stand tall at the podium and gave a speech for a whole 90 minutes.

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Can you imagine that? Getting shot and still being able to speak for an hour and a half! President Roosevelt even joked about it, saying, “It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose!”

When doctors advised removing the bullet from his chest, President Roosevelt decided to leave it there to avoid any future health problems.

President Theodore Roosevelt is remembered as one of the toughest presidents in American history, and this incredible incident just adds to his legendary status….S££ MOR£

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