It’s crucial to consider your feelings and the nature of the relationship and Here are a few indicators that you might be squandering your time on your Partner.

1. Absence of Communication

In any relationship, communication is essential. It may indicate that your partner is not totally committed if they routinely dodge crucial talks or refuse to communicate honestly and openly.

2. One-sided Effort

In order for a relationship to succeed, both partners must put in effort. If you find yourself doing all the work to maintain the relationship while your spouse appears uninterested or apathetic, this may indicate that they aren’t taking the relationship seriously.

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3. Broken Promises

It can be a sign of disrespect for your time and feelings and erode trust when your partner consistently breaks promises or neglects to fulfill obligations.

4. Absence of Future Planning

If a partner is committed to the relationship, they will usually want to plan things out together. Your partner might not envision a future with you if they avoid talking about plans for the future or act disinterested in starting a family.

5. Disrespectful Behavior

Disrespect can manifest itself in a variety of ways, such as disparaging remarks, contemptuous demeanors, or blatant disdain for your personal space and feelings. You may tell your partner doesn’t appreciate the relationship if they treat you disrespectfully on a regular basis.

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6. Inconsistency

Usually, a serious partner will act and speak consistently throughout the relationship. Instability in conduct or noticeable mood swings that impact the relationship may indicate deeper problems or a lack of commitment from your partner….S££ MOR£

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