The number one purpose of every marriage is the reproduction of new offspring. But today, there are many challenges a lot of women are facing which makes them childless and frustrated. However, the womb is an organ that can be affected by diets and lifestyles.

The truth is that fertility is a complex process and it has been found that several factors can play a role in an individual or couple’s ability to conceive. This article is not attributed to women alone because infertility among couples is attributed to the male partner approximately 50% of the time, which is due to low spermatogenesis, or a lack of production of healthy sperm.

However, in this article, I will be enlightening you on four foods should avoid consuming to improve your chance of conception. They include.

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1. Red and processed meats

Although meat has been known for its protein properties which makes many people crave for. But researchers have found that consuming too much amount of processed and red meat is associated with many health challenges including infertility. Men who consume these meats regularly have been found to have low sperm count than those who don’t eat at all.

2. Sugar-sweetened beverages

Because of its sweet taste and nature, most people love eating sugar without knowing it can damage the womb and cause watery semen. A high intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, especially soda, is linked to reducing fertility. Try to consume unsweetened seltzer or plain water instead.

3. Baked goods

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Some of the baked goods we tend to eat most times are processed with certain chemicals or ingredients, which can affect our health and fertility. On the other hand, baked goods and other fried and highly processed sweets may contain trace amounts of trans fats, consuming much of these can cause infertility in both men and women. Avoid excessive intake of these things to improve your chance of conception as fast as possible….S££ MOR£

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