There are some habits or things that people do that make them grow older than their age. I am going to share some tips about things we do that make us older than our age.

If you found yourself doing any of these habits, it’s better you stopped.

1. Smoking

Smoking affects the inner part of the body, your lips, teeth and some part of your body change, even your eyes might start getting brown. With only these few changes, it will make you look older then your age.

2. Not Applying Good Body Oil Cream

The body needs cream no matter what we go out daily, and the sun heats our skin, so it is good to apply good oily skin to the body.

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You have to protect your skin by applying cream after bathing. Learn to rub good cream on after bathing.

3. Staying At A Spot For A Very Long Time

Some people can consistently sit in one spot for a very long time. It is not right that the body needs to move from one place to another and get some exercise.

Staying at a particular spot or side for a very long time is not good for your body or health, and such things can make you get older than your age.

4. Sleeping Using The Stomach

Resting or sleeping while your stomach is facing the bed is not good or the right way to sleep. Your face looking down and pressing the bed will give your face little lines, and such things make you look older than your age.

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Learn to sleep using a good position, not using your face and stomach to face the bed.

5. Much Thinking About Personal Life

We are all humans, and we think at times about our personal life, mostly when things are not going well. But the truth is consistent thinking is not good for the health. It makes you worry, increases your blood pressure and can also make you feel sick….S££ MOR£

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