Urine is a watery substance that is present in the body of every animal including human beings. The urine is a metabolic waste product that we often tend to excrete from the body system through the private part.

However, there are a lot of controversies concerning foamy urine today. Foamy urine can often result from having a fast urine stream. That is peeing under pressure, but over the years, studies have shown that a range of medical conditions may also have this effect. In this article, I will be enlightening you on what it means when your urine is foamy. They include.


Dehydration is a condition in which there is a lack of water in the system. If you are dehydrated, your urine may appear darker and more concentrated than usual which will cause your urine to appear foamy. This is because they are not drinking enough clear fluids to dilute the other substances, such as protein, in the urine.

Kidney disease

The kidney is responsible for the filtration and regulations of protein in the blood. However, having damage is a condition in which your kidney fails to carry out its function appropriately. If a person has kidney damage or disease, proteins can leak from the kidneys into the urine which will cause urine to become foamy.


Diabetes is one of the deadly and life-threatening diseases in the world today. It is a condition of having too much sugar in the blood. It has been suggested that diabetes and other causes of high blood sugar levels may result in higher levels of albumin passing through the kidneys. This can result in foamy urine….S££ MOR£

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