Rivers are natural flows of water that wind their way across the land, sometimes wide and deep, sometimes narrow enough to wade through. But did you know that Saudi Arabia, a country with no permanent rivers, uses more water than any other country in the world?

Most of Saudi Arabia’s water comes from underground sources and desalination plants, which remove salt from seawater. In fact, Saudi Arabia uses the most desalinated water of any country. But with over 75% of its underground water already used up, it’s time to rethink its water usage.

The country has wasted a lot of water on crops, leaving barely enough for the next ten years. And with water being extracted so frequently for homes and industry, it’s evaporating faster than ever. The Saudi government is working hard to avoid a water crisis, having built over 200 dams to store water. But with no permanent rivers and a vast desert landscape, it’s a big challenge.

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To make matters worse, Saudi Arabia is one of only 17 countries in the world without any permanent rivers. But the country is using its wealth to buy land and grow crops in other countries with more water. And it’s also recycling 65% of its wastewater at various facilities across the country.

So while Saudi Arabia may be surrounded by water and oil, it’s facing a serious water shortage. But with the government’s efforts and new ways of thinking, there’s hope for a more sustainable future….S££ MOR£

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