Back in the 1990s, something extraordinary rolled onto the scene and earned its place in the Guinness World Records: the ‘American Dream,’ the longest car ever built. Created in sunny California, USA, this incredible vehicle stretches a whopping 30.5 meters (100 feet) and boasts an impressive 26 wheels.

Crafted by designer Jay Ohrberg from Burbank, California, the American Dream is no ordinary ride. It’s equipped with luxurious features like a King-sized waterbed and even a swimming pool complete with a diving board!

But what sets this car apart is its unique design. With a hinge in the middle, the limousine can bend around corners, making it surprisingly maneuverable despite its immense size. It can be operated in two modes: as a standard rigid vehicle or with the midsection set to bend.

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Inside, you’ll find not one but two driver’s cabins one in the front and one in the back each capable of being operated from either side of the vehicle.

While the American Dream is currently undergoing repairs, it’s still available for hire. So, if you ever fancy experiencing the ultimate in luxury travel, keep an eye out for this incredible limousine.

And that’s not all! The American Dream also boasts a tiny kitchen, a helicopter landing pad, and a host of other luxuries fit for a five-star hotel….S££ MOR£

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