The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes the need for global citizens to reduce their salt intake, particularly in cooking. Despite these warnings, many continue to disregard the advice, regularly incorporating excessive amounts of salt into their daily meals.

This article sheds light on five popular foods that should be prepared without added salt to promote a healthier lifestyle.

1. Potatoes:

Potatoes boast natural flavors and require minimal seasoning. This tuber, akin to yams, already contains inherent saltiness and flavor-enhancing elements. Avoiding excess salt when preparing potatoes can contribute to a healthier diet.

2. Plantains:

Often subject to excessive salting during cooking or frying, plantains can be enjoyed with little to no salt. Fried plantains, while flavorful on their own, become less healthy when laden with excessive salt, potentially elevating blood pressure and posing a risk of heart-related diseases.

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3. Yam:

Similar to rice, yams are starchy and contain unhealthy carbohydrates. Opting to cook or fry yams without salt can be a wise choice, promoting extended periods of good health and overall wellness.

4. Rice:

A widely consumed staple rich in starch, carbs, and sugar, rice should be prepared without the addition of excessive salt. Consuming these substances in abundance is already detrimental to the body, making it crucial to avoid compounding the issue by adding surplus salt during the cooking process.

5. Corn:

A beloved food product, especially in places like Nigeria, corn can be enjoyed without excessive salt. Whether roasted or boiled, the temptation to enhance sweetness by adding more salt during the cooking process should be resisted, as it may have adverse effects on the kidneys and liver….See More

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