There’s nothing more exciting or calming than discovering you’re dating someone you like. When you’re sure you like each other, the relationship blossoms. Your woman may not express her feelings towards you directly, but she will communicate them to you in a variety of ways.

1. She will pay attention to him

If a lady is interested in you, she will begin reading and watching you to comprehend and recognize your favorite activities, your favorite dishes, and so on. She will also compile a list of things you like.

2. She communicates with him straightforwardly and honestly

A woman who likes you will be completely open with you and will not keep anything from you. She will not conceal anything from you or deceive you; instead, she will be completely honest with you.

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3. She will not hesitate to apologize for her mistakes

When she makes a mistake, a lady who likes you may not hesitate to apologize. She will not argue with you or make excuses to cover up her wrongdoing; instead, she will immediately apologize. As a result, she is concerned about you and admires your relationship.

4. She will take care of him

She will not only independently examine you, but she will also look after you. If a lady likes you, she will remember you and will pay close attention to you. It could happen at any time, for example, during a meal or while you’re out having fun.

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5. She pays attention when you speak

If a lady likes you, she might pay attention to you and let you express your feelings to her. She might be interested in what you’re saying and will listen to you before making a decision.

6. She calls you often

A woman who adores you will never get tired of hearing your voice, so she may call you frequently. Ladies rarely give up their airtime to contact a man, so if she calls you with her airtime and continues to call you, it’s a sign she likes you….S££ MOR£

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