The Three Gorges Dam was not completed by China until 2015. This is the biggest hydroelectric power plant of its kind in the entire world. The Earth’s rotation was temporarily slowed by 0.06 microseconds due to the enormous size of the dam.

The major building materials used to create the dam were concrete and steel. The dam required 63 Eiffel Towers’ worth of steel to be built (463,000 metric tonnes).

27.3 million cubic meters of concrete were used to construct the dam. According to estimates, 102.3 million cubic meters of earth had to be shifted in order to create room for the additional water. The external concrete wall is 594 feet away from the basement (181 meters).

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The dam reservoir is 660 kilometers long and 1.2 kilometers wide. 39 trillion trillion kilograms of water can be stored inside the structure. The enormous water storage behind the dam changed the moment of inertia of the earth. The rotation of the Earth slowed as a result.

According to NASA, the Earth’s rotation was only shifted by 0.06 microseconds. Recent Chinese accomplishments include creating an artificial moon and raising temperatures above the sun’s….S££ MOR£

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