There are some common mistakes that we make daily while using the gas cooker and if we don’t stop doing these things it might lead to a gas explosion. Below are 6 mistakes we should stop doing while using the gas cooker.

1. Answering phone calls while using the Gas.

Answering phone calls while cooking with a gas cooker is very bad because it can lead to an explosion at any moment.

2. Ignoring Gas Leak.

Whenever you perceive that there is a gas leak what you should do is;

Turn off the gas completely.

Open all the windows and doors of the house and find a place to stay for the main time.

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Because this gas leak can cause an explosion at any time when something ignites a spark.

3. Staying Too Long in the kitchen.

If you are cooking something that takes a lot of time don’t always stay in the kitchen for too long, because the gas cooker produces some toxic gas like carbon monoxide. This toxic gas when inhaled for a very long time can cause respiratory problems.

4. Keeping cooking items close to the gas.

Although it is normal to keep your cooking items close to where you are cooking but one bad thing is that when they are too close they can cause a fire outbreak. Items like a rag, rubber spoon or plate should be kept away from the gas.

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5. Shaking of gas cylinder.

Since there is no indicator or signal to tell whether or not your gas is about to finish, people tend to shake the gas cylinder to know the quantity that is remaining. This is very dangerous because the shaking of gas cylinders can lead to an explosion….S££ MOR£

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