A missile is a guided weapon that propels itself into flight using the thrust from a jet engine or rocket motor. It is an airborne, deadly machine used in warfare and is one of the technological inventions that determines the military strength and power of a country.

When considering an object that can be launched at high speed to cover a wide range of distances in a short time to hit a target with a destructive force, a missile is found suitable for such a purpose. In this article, I want to show you the R-36M, a Russian missile with an operational range of 16,000 kilometers.

It was designed and built by Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant developers in Ukraine as an intercontinental ballistic missile and was used by Russian strategic missile troops. It has a nuclear warhead and can carry up to four of them.

It has two RD-250 jet engines and a two-stage liquid propellant with a range of 16, 000 kilometers when launched from a silo-based platform guided by inertia or an autonomous system.

The missile is known as the “SS-18 Satan” because of its accuracy and the magnitude of its penetration when it explodes….S££ MOR£

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