Carlos Rodriguez, better known as Sosa, was quite healthy and typical but he didn’t have brains. Carlos was a youngster, reportedly, who was born completely normal, with all his bodily parts intact.

Carlos was a decent boy, he was adored by his parents and his community, but only after he became 14 that he associated with terrible gangs in his area. He began to use alcohol, drugs and smoke highly poisonous stuff.

One day, the teenager grew so high on drugs and other harmful substances that he had pick up an automobile, perhaps to do more or more crimes.

As he drove and ran away at a fast pace, he had a very dramatic auto-crash. He flew through the windshield and slammed his head on a very hard asphalt. His look altered like this.

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He raced swiftly to the hospital and the physicians succeeded in saving his life, but a substantial fraction of his brain and skull was taken away. What disturbed and is disturbing people thus far is that after all surgery and restoration were carried out,

Carlos had not lost a recollection, despite the removal of a very large part of his brains. He kept all memories and could grin, laugh and engage constructively with others. Carlos did not engage or engage in any inquiry or contribution.

Scientists currently have no exact answer as to how you can survive and maintain the majority of mental activities without your brain. In the scientific community one frequent notion is that the nerve terminals in the abdomen portion are largely replaced with the typical organ of thought.

This was the instance of a man who lives his life to the fullest, while he has no brains. That’s extremely shocking….S££ MOR£

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