A swimming pool is a structure that is designed and built into the ground or above it to hold water for swimming. It is made of materials such as metals, stones, plastic, concrete, or fiberglass.

Humans have never stopped using their God-given potential and wisdom to create amazing engineering feats that benefit humanity, and pool construction is undoubtedly one of those inventions. In this article, I want to show you the sky pool, which is a “floating” swimming pool that is suspended between two high-rise buildings.

Located at the Embassy Gardens development in Wandsworth, London, it is 25 metres in length and has only about 14 metres of its part suspended at a height of 35 metres above the ground to form a bridge between two high-rise apartment buildings. The floating pool concept was developed because the roof area of the buildings was not big enough to accommodate it.

It is made up of an acrylic frame, which is made of transparent plexiglass and weighs about 50 tonnes. It has a thickness of 200 mm, with its base being 300 mm thick, and is 3.0 m in depth. The pool was constructed to rest on an invisible steel frame that formed a frame around it.

The construction of the pool was completed and opened in May 2021. It is situated on the sky deck of the development and is made accessible to the residents of the Embassy Gardens who are also members of the EG: ME club…..See More

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