Many Nigerian movie stars started their journey into the movie industry from their childhood days. Most these filmmakers continued with the career and has now transformed into better actors.

However, in this piece, I will be sharing with you some Nollywood actresses who went from taking the roles of kids to playing adult roles in movies;

1. Regina Daniels has not only contributed to success of the movie industry in recent times but has spend more than a decade in the industry.

According to reports, she started her journey into the Nigerian movie industry at the age 7 and this developed her into a better actress.

Today, the actress is no longer taking child roles in movies, as she has now transformed a beautiful lady.

The 23-year-old actress is currently recognized among the most featured actress, as she has been featured in over 50 movies where she played adult character.

2. Chineye Nnebe is arguably the most featured fast-rising actresses in Nollywood, she has starred in multiple Nollywood movies where she was featured alongside top actors in the industry.

The beautiful actress started her journey into the industry at the age of 3 before finding fame in the industry. During her early times in Nollywood, she featured in movies where she played the character of a kid.

Today, the young actress grown into a beautiful girl and has continued in the industry, but this time, she takes matured roles in movies.

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She has been seen in taking roles of a pregnant woman, wife, widow, Village girl, Princess, and other important roles in her recent movies.

3. Ummi Rahab Saleh is a popular Kannywood actress who started her acting career as a child actress. She joined the film industry at the age of 12 and made her first appearance in a blockbuster movie titled “Ummi Takwara” alongside Adam Zango, Jamila Nagudu, and Hadizan Saima.

Today, she has excelled and has became a household name in the industry, as has been featured in blockbusters movies wherever played adult roles.

He has worked with famous actors like Umar M Shariff, Ali Nuhu, Adam, Lilin Baba and many others. She has also produced her own movies.

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4. Destiny Etiko’s success in the Nigerian movie industry has won her multiple rewards and recognition. Her performance and creativity have gotten the attention of many movie lovers including movie producers.

The curvy actress started acting in movies as a child actress before finding fame in the industry.

In may interest you to know that she acted in her first movie, “Twin Brothers, as a child actor alongside Osita Iheme, Hanks Anuku, and the late Sam Loco-Efe.

5. Sharon Ezeamaka is a another talented actress who went from taking the roles of kids to playing adult roles in movies. The beautiful lady joined Nollywood in the year 1997 and started acting at the age of 5. She made her debut in the movie, “Narrow Escape”, where she was featured alongside Nollywood giant, Pete Edochie.

Today, Sharon is now grown up and has has been seen as a big star in television series such as “Shuga” and “The Johnsons”….S££ MOR£

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