Chicken makes a fantastic substitute for red meat. It is packed with lots of proteins and other healthy nutrients. Chicken also has a lot of well documented health benefits to the body. And its more healthier to the body when its cooked or steamed with delicious spices and vegetables. In this article, I’ll be telling you guys 3 healthy things that happens in your body when you consume chicken more often.

1. Stronger bones and muscles.

Chicken is a great source of amino acids. And this nutrient is very important and needed in the body, especially when it comes to the area of healthy bones and muscles. Amino acid contained in chicken also helps to decrease the risk of injuries caused by broken bones and torn muscles.

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2. Heart health.

Chicken is also one of the best foods that improves the heart condition of a person. It is very rich in protein and fiber which helps to reduce the risks of developing heart related diseases such as cardiac arrest, stroke and a host of others. Eat chicken regularly to improve your heart health.

3. Improves mood and positive hormones.

This one is quite a usual thing that can happen to anyone. You might be having a bad day and feeling bad, then you eat a bite from a piece of chicken and you suddenly start feeling more happier and cheerful. This is because, chicken contains lots of serotonin, also know as the “feel good” hormones. It helps to boost a person’s mood and make them feel happy…..S££ MOR£

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